Services & Equipment

Our Services include all these services and the baling and shipping. For a quote and prices please contact us directly.

Vehicle Pick up & Delivery

  • Pick up of vehicles
  • Delivery of vehicles
  • Availability of Kenworth Deck Winch Truck with a roll back deck
  • Availability of bins for pick up
  • Pick up service of ferrous and non ferrous metals
  • Crow Environmental system is mobile and completely self contained and leak proof certified.
  • No drop offs accepted at the office, pick up service only!

Vehicle Preperation

  • Accept and track vin# and description of vehicle along with proof of ownership.
  • Remove battery, rad, starter and any other recyclable materials, remove washer fluid for reuse. Also remove Freon.
  • Place vehicle on engineered stand, remove rims and tires then place Crow Environmental Midi System under vehicle and remove all fluids     (fuel, engine oil, crankcase, differentials). All fluids dealt with accordingly with Special Waste permits.
  • Remove vehicle from stand and send to the bailer and prep for shipping to southern markets.

Vehicle Processing

  • Vehicles are then crushed for loading
  • Loading of vehicles onto trailer
  • Shipping of vehicles to southern recyclers
  • End of Life Vehicles are recycled into all sorts of other metal products, plastics from the vehicles are also recycled

Crow Environmental

Crow Environmental is the world leader in high volume vehicle de-pollution and recycling equipment.


While we have now removed over 1000 tonnes of waste from the Yukon so far, we also want to ensure we are minimizing our effect on the environment by utilizing trucks/trailers that are hauling into the Yukon and used to return to their home offices empty.  Now, we fill these trailers to ensure as much efficiency as possible!


Our equipment includes a Big Mac Car Crusher, Al Jon Baler, Komatsu Excavator, Kubota, Excavator, Volvo Loader, GMC Topkick Wrecker, Loose Load Trailer and several Bobcats with custom made attachments for tire removal and more.

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