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We were recently featured on CBC North – discussing the issues surrounding auto recycling in Yukon

CBC North Article – November 5, 2021
Learn more about how we are helping eliminate End of Life vehicles from Yukon’s landfills and pristine wilderness…

Anthony Guy is a Project Manager for the McIntyre Community Clean Up. He received 2 Destruction Certificates for removing 31 vehicles from Kwanlin Dun First Nation (KDFN) and in the McIntyre subdivision in Whitehorse. Vehicles were removed,  depolluted, baled and ship to southern markets in a month.

“Urban Recycling Solutions were great to work with, did the job in a timely matter. Helped KDFN in removing over 77 tonnes of End of Life Vehicles from their community and the Yukon.”

Year to year tonage report:

2022: 1562 tonnes removed

2023: 409 tonnes to date


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Urban Auto Recycling

Urban Auto Recycling intends on making the goal of 100% of the product received gets recycled.